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The EBSCO User Group meeting for North American Academic Libraries is an excellent opportunity for customers to network and learn about EBSCO technology solutions from one another and EBSCO.

See the agenda here.

What to expect?

  • Two full days of learning, sharing, and networking
  • Engage with your peers and share experiences and ideas
  • Attend user-led panel sessions on getting the most value out of your technology investment with EBSCO
  • Interface with EBSCO product experts and Library Services Engineers
  • Witness how EBSCO is innovating in library technology

This year’s sessions will focus on:



It goes without saying that libraries must provide access to information to all users. How should software applications best support this mission when considering users with special needs?These sessions will look at accessibility requirements and the work that EBSCO has done – and is doing – to integrate assistive technologies in its products.

Collection Development

Collection development is a science in-and-of itself. From understanding gaps in the collection, its usage and user needs, to the tools that support decision making and ordering workflows, there is much to consider. Join these sessions to learn about analytics, ordering platforms and workflow integrations in support of collection development.

Coming Up: From the EBSCO Lab

Innovation lies at the heart of better engagement with the library’s constituents. What then can you expect from EBSCO in this regard? From new applications, to UX, to workflow innovation, EBSCO’s lab has been hard at work. Join these sessions to learn what’s up-and-coming from EBSCO.


Discovery is fundamental to the user’s ability to engage with the library’s collections. As the gateway to success in research, the discovery service must support a dynamic, customizable and in-depth research experience. What are the fundamentals of EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)? How have different institutions used the EDS API to customize experiences for their users? And what developments are forthcoming? Join these sessions to learn about all things EDS.

FOLIO: A Library Services Platform Built for Innovation

FOLIO is an open source library services platform and community that brings together institutions, vendors and developers. Libraries worldwide have chosen FOLIO as their library services platform of choice. And service providers and institutions alike are working together to develop the library services platform of the future. Join these sessions to learn about the FOLIO community, the platform roadmap, early adopters and approaches to innovation.

Library Choice in Workflows and User Engagement

In today’s world, it is imperative that you work in your interface of choice and offer your users the best possible solutions to take advantage of the library’s offerings. EBSCO places a lot of emphasis on supporting integrations with third-party systems and applications. Sessions will cover the different types of integrations and their benefits to staff and users: EDS ‘apps’, ILS integrations, ordering workflows and third-party integrations with the EBSCO knowledge base.

Researcher Workflows, Faculty Relations, and Student Engagement

Libraries form a critical link between researchers, faculty and students. How can libraries best support the collection, dissemination and preservation of research output? And how can libraries support student engagement in the most optimal way? These sessions will focus on researcher workflows and student engagement. Sessions will look at the role of the institutional repository, reading lists, integration with the learning management system, and beyond.

You and I: A View on UI

We engage with information through a host of familiar interfaces. From apps on tablets to sites on the web, we expect a certain user experience when interacting with digital content. Join these sessions to learn about EBSCO interfaces and applications – from EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) to Flipster – that support user engagement with the library’s content.

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