What can you expect at the 2017 EBSCO User Group meeting?

During this two-day meeting from October 25-26 in Salt Lake City, you will have
the opportunity to network and learn about EBSCO technology solutions
from one another and EBSCO. This year’s sessions will focus on the array of
solutions that support library workflows. See first-hand how other libraries
use EBSCO solutions to support analysis, selection and ordering, collection
management, discovery and access. Additionally, you will have the opportunity
to learn about EBSCO’s planned services for the FOLIO library services

While planning is currently in progress, you can expect to
hear from EBSCO and customers on the topics outlined below.

For a preliminary overview of planned sessions, click here.

Company strategy and planned developments

The User Group meeting will afford you the opportunity to learn from EBSCO
leadership about planned developments across the company’s technology product
suite. Sessions will discuss discovery, the centrality of the knowledge base
to library workflows, approaches to collection development, as well as the
company’s plans for the FOLIO open source library services platform.

EBSCO Discovery Service

The User Group meeting will feature a variety of presentations by EBSCO
experts and customers on EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). Among other
topics, presentations will cover:

  • New and Upcoming Features in EDS
  • EDS API: Why, When and How to Deploy It
  • Outside the Box: Unusual EDS Implementation Ideas
  • From the EBSCO Innovation Lab: LMS integration, non-click searching, creative approaches to the one search box
  • Tips and Tricks - Widgets and Special Profiles

Understanding the user journey

Presentations will examine the user journey and the available solutions that
work in tandem to support successful research outcomes. Sessions will discuss
how libraries can best drive awareness of the library’s collections, create
an optimal web presence, and implement best-of-breed authentication. Topics
will include:

  • How to create an optimal web presence with Stacks
  • The role of linked data in driving library awareness
  • Best approaches to single sign-on and user authentication with OpenAthens

FOLIO – a new open source library services platform

In June 2016, the FOLIO project – a community collaboration to develop an open source
library services platform – was announced to the library community. The
project, now well underway, has an engaged and growing community of
librarians, developers and commercial entities. Design and development
of the platform has progressed at a steady rate. And, most importantly, the
platform fundamentals that have been established through a network of
participants are focused on delivering architecture for evolution and

Expect to learn about:

  • EBSCO’s plans for FOLIO services including implementation, maintenance and support of the FOLIO platform
  • The current development status of the FOLIO project and its roadmap
  • How libraries can get involved through Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • The FOLIO underpinnings from architecture to resource management, metadata management, user-centered design and beyond

The centrality of the knowledge base

A knowledge base is critical to supporting library workflows. It not only
provides libraries with extensive details about their collections, but
underlies anything from collection development to cataloging to discovery.
Library applications at each stage of the information life cycle interact
with the knowledge base to provide continuity of workflows and integration
where required.

At the User Group meeting, you will have the opportunity
to learn more about the EBSCO Global Knowledge Base and how it underlies the
variety of services that EBSCO offers. Expect to learn how the knowledge

  • Underlies overall workflow efficiencies
  • Can help integrate different applications and help libraries make informed collection decisions
  • Ensures continuous synchronization between holdings

Topical overview

The following list represents specific topics that will be covered in the meeting:

  • Discovery. The ins and outs, from tips & tricks to relevance ranking, linking, featured features and customization options.
  • Driving awareness. Linked data and creating an optimal web presence with Stacks.
  • Authentication. Supporting best-of-breed single sign-on.
  • Library workflows. Learn about EBSCO solutions from analysis, selection and ordering, and resource management to discovery and access.
  • Open source. EBSCO’s role in the FOLIO project; current status of FOLIO and EBSCO’s planned services.

New addition to the User Group event: customer lounge

This year, attendees are encouraged to arrive the day before the meeting –
Tuesday, October 24 – in order to take advantage of the customer lounge.
Attendees will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with EBSCO’s Library
Service Engineer and User Research teams to get to know them and ask
questions. Extended office hours will take place from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. on
Tuesday and will continue during the meeting. Customers can pre-register
beginning in mid-July.

In addition to offering comfy places to sit and free Wi-Fi, the lounge will also
offer an interactive Customer Feedback Map. This new feature
will allow customers to see the full array of EBSCO products, to identify
where they are on the array and to highlight any issues or benefits that they
are experiencing. An EBSCO representative will be present to listen to feedback
in order to bring it back to office and help improve your experience with our

This event is made possible by our sponsors:

and collaboration with EBSCO Information Services